Makeup Application with Instructions

With knowledge, the right techniques, and the correct products and tools, any girl can be her own makeup artist.

Using or line of Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, our trained Aesthetician will teach you how to skillfully apply makeup customized for your skin type that enhances your own natural beauty. You will be trained on color palates & how to choose colors that are right for your skin tone. 

Your beauty lessons will include:

  • Highlighting & Contouring -  Highlighting and contouring work together to sculpt and refine your face and enhance the features you love, making them a fun way to play around with different looks, even if it’s just for date night.  Some tutorials can be intimidating and look like you need to use a lot of makeup, but really the most important thing to remember when trying any new makeup technique is you can keep it really simple or go dramatic to get the results you are looking for.

  • Best Blush - Blush is very under used. A lot of times, women will simply choose any color pink and brush it across their cheeks. We will teach you how to choose the correct shade for your skin tone, as well as how to apply it and where. 

  • How to get Princess Lips -  Using a variety of lip colors, you will learn how to enhance your natural coloring. For a more bold & daring look, you can select from our variety of lip colors to achieve the look you desire. With proper instructions, your lips will appear natural and effortless, just like the lip color worn by your favorite childhood princesses.

  • Enhance your Eye Brows - Using an eyebrow pencil, we will instruct you on how to achieve that a perfectly defined brow. You will understand how to Line, Fill, & Blend with the correct color & tools needed to complete your beautiful look.