Brow Tinting

If you're a girl with barely-there brows, eyebrow tinting can help frame your eyes beautifully. This semi-permanent cosmetic procedure is a very attractive option if you're tired of using an eye pencil or have noticed a few grays popping up in your brow line. Eyebrow tinting works well most women , and it's perfect if you're looking for a way to streamline your beauty routine.


Once you've located a salon that offers this semi-permanent hair darkening service, the procedure is similar no matter where you go. The Aesthetician will protect your eyes with an eye patch or mask and apply petroleum jelly or another lubricant to the skin around the brows to help protect them. Then, she will use a cotton applicator dipped in dye (usually vegetable-based) to apply the color solution to the eyebrows, eyelashes or both. After the solution dries, the esthetician will wash away excess dye with soap and water.